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Group components into Services and Platforms

OpenContext allows you to group various components (Service, Code, Aux, etc.) together into Services. This grouping can be added by creating a Service YAML file describing the components that should be part of the Service.

OpenContext also allows you to group Services together into Platforms. This grouping can be added by creating a Platform YAML file and linking the services to the platform.

See the OpenContext Catalog Schema for more details on how the entities relate to one another.

Gather information

To add this additional data, you'll need to answer a few questions:

  • Who's responsible for the Service or Platform? You'll need the OpenContext entity name for the responsible person or team. See Map your Organization on how to find this information.
  • What components are associated with the Service? You'll need the OpenContext entity reference for each component.

Example / How-to

The following is an example of how you would group various components into a Service which will be part of a Platform.

These YAML configuration examples are all shown as if they were in their own file. They also can be concatenated into a single file by separating the contents with a triple dash --- like in Kubernetes.
The field must be unique!

First: define your platform.

In this example, we are defining a platform called blue-sky for everything related to the raccoon Blue Sky Buffet project. Since team-raccoon is responsible, we map them to the owner field.

kind: Platform
name: blue-sky
description: Everything related to the raccoon Blue Sky Buffet project
- url:
title: Project diagrams
- url:
title: Buffet Metrics Dashboard
icon: dashboard
owner: [team-raccoon]

Next: define the service.

Here, let's define a service called retail for grouping User experience. The groups responsible are eng-raccoon-eco and prod-raccoon, so we map those groups to the owner field.

The components that should be grouped together and mapped to the hasComponent field are as follows:

  • CodeComponents - code-component:retail-app
  • PlatformComponents - platform-component:retail-vm, platform-component:retail-dns
  • AuxComponents - aux-component:retail-app-maintenance-doc
kind: Service
name: retail
description: User experience service
owner: [eng-raccoon-eco, prod-raccoon]
platform: blue-sky