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Using the Client Portal (SaaS Only)

Initial Login

OpenContext will send a link to the Client Portal. You’ll be provided with a company ID

Client Portal screen

You will receive an emailed link to this page. Here you will link your Google Workspace Account and GitHub if you are connecting to a GitHub repository

Continue registration


Once you’ve completed the registration, you will have access to the Client Portal.

Portal Home


If you are an Admin you will be able to access Secrets on the sidebar. Otherwise the page will send you back to the Home page view. Go there to upload secrets or to see any secrets that have been previously uploaded.

To import information from GitHub, you must upload at least one GitHub secret.

You'll need to add your one time GitHub secret in order to allow us to access information about your GitHub repositories.

You’ll enter your Secrets here. The first tab shows any existing secrets.

Secrets list

The second tab is for adding new secrets.

Secrets import

Catalog Files

Some organizations like to create a specific OpenContext Repository to house all of their YAML files. This can make importing easier.

However, if you choose to upload your YAML files one at a time, instead, you can do that by clicking on Catalog files.

Catalog import

Once there, you can drag and drop any YAML files you wish to include -- now, or in the future.

OpenContext Docs

To access the docs site you can go to or click on OpenContext Docs.

Portal home return

The Client Portal will send you to this docs site:

Docs site