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Add additional data to the auto-discovered CodeComponents

Additional data can be added to discovered CodeComponents by using a dotfile. This file should be added to the root of the repository to be imported, and have the name .opencontext.

Several fields can be added through this file. All are optional.

Here's an example:

lifecycle: experimental
service: greenhouse
datacenter: aws-us
priority: 5
sla: 2x2
- 'ABC123'
dependsOn: ['platformcomponent:retail-vm']

The dotfile uses this format:

datacenter?: string[]
lifecycle?: string
priority?: number
service?: string
sla?: string
subcomponentOf?: string[]
dependsOn?: string[]
annotations?: Record<string, string>;
links?: EntityLink[];

EntityLink format:

export type EntityLink = {
* The url to the external site, document, etc.
url: string;

* An optional descriptive title for the link.
title?: string;

* An optional semantic key that represents a visual icon.
icon?: string;

Available icons are a subset of MaterialUI icons. You can use:

  • catalog
  • chat
  • code
  • dashboard
  • docs
  • email
  • github
  • help
  • search
  • team
  • website

Link example:

- url:
title: Cyber Squirrel
icon: dashboard

Find additional information on the CodeComponent format in the Catalog docs.