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v0.16.0 Release Notes

· One min read
Audrey Eschright

We have some new features for this release:


The CodeComponentSidecar YAML is being replaced by a dotfile format. This allows us to better merge user-created data with automated CodeComponent imports from repositories. You can read more about how to use dotfiles in the docs.

  • Add dotfile processor for adding data to imported code components
  • Deprecate CodeComponentSidecar now that dotfiles can be used to merge data for imported CodeComponents

GitHub Actions integration

We're releasing a new GitHub Action soon that will allow you to generate SBOMs and track them in OpenContext.

  • Add SBOM type for AuxComponents

Also some bugfixes and other improvements:

GitHub CodeComponent import

  • Add error logging to paginated GitHub GraphQL queries
  • Add rate limit logging for GitHub APIs
  • Add a 1 sec wait to queryWithPaging to avoid GitHub's secondary rate limit. This change makes 1 request per second to avoid concurrency issues.


  • Add runbook type to AuxComponent