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v0.13.0 Release Notes

· One min read
Audrey Eschright

Release Notes

In this release, we've renamed parts of the schema and views to reflect the utility of OpenContext as a service catalog. We're also streamlining the information you see on the Context pages to make it easier to understand important connections.

Schema updates

  • Rename Platform entity to Service
  • Rename Scheme entity to Platform
  • Add Service relation to Datacenters

Catalog data and filters

  • Add Code Component languages to catalog table view
  • Add GitHub Actions enabled flag to imported Code Components
  • Add GitHub Actions filter to Catalog view
  • Update Datacenter catalog table view to add regions and filtering on "other" type fields
  • Display Datacenter column for Platform Components
  • Add subtype filter to catalog view
  • Update catalog table and filters for Services
  • Hide empty entity relations tables
  • Add display names to table view for Persons and Teams