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v0.10.0 Release Notes

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Release Notes

In this release we have a new on-premise offering with Kubernetes and Helm. For more information on how to set up OpenContext in your own environment see our docs.

Also in this release we have a new Context Details view which can be found on a tab on any CodeComponent. This is the place to look to for more details about a specific CodeComponent. You will see the following:

  • Component Owners
  • Summary of the component's statistics (relationships to other entities)
  • If the CodeComponent is of type repository you will also see repository codepaths (if the repository has any)
  • Repository statistics such as languages, recent releases, and contributors
  • Repository vulnerability alerts if Dependabot alerts have been enabled.

Context Details View

More details on the release below.


  • Added Context Details tab with additional content such as a summary of the component's statistics and various repository information such as owners, codepaths, statistics, and vulnerabilities.
  • Added configurations and workflow to build the container for our on-premise offering.

Bug fixes

  • CodeOwners processor will now only process CodeComponents that are not pointing to YAML files