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Audrey Eschright

We're in the process of expanding our login options to connect with the services we know customers depend on. For the first piece of this, we now have GitHub login available in the app.

This release also brings in a new data integration: we're scanning GitHub repositories for Snyk and Datadog config files, in order to give you visibility into which projects are using those guardrails and who might need some support to get it integrated.

Plus one more bit of cleanup:

  • Add subtype to Platform Component table view and clean up unused columns for Person and Team

This gives you a more streamlined catalog view to find the details you care about fast.

· One min read
Audrey Eschright

It's time! We're releasing our GitLab integration. This will allow you to import catalog YAML files from GitLab project repositories. OpenContext will also create a CodeComponent record for the repo and attach any codeowners.

This is just a first release, so we're very interested in your feedback. Sign up for the beta and get in touch with us if you'd like to try it out.


  • Import projects, users, and groups from GitLab
  • Add reference field with copy button functionality to Entity About Cards
  • Add config option to import archived GitHub repositories. Set integrations.github.includeArchived to true to use this.


  • Merge links from multiple AuxComponent sources for AuxInfoCard

· One min read
Audrey Eschright

We have some new features for this release:


The CodeComponentSidecar YAML is being replaced by a dotfile format. This allows us to better merge user-created data with automated CodeComponent imports from repositories. You can read more about how to use dotfiles in the docs.

  • Add dotfile processor for adding data to imported code components
  • Deprecate CodeComponentSidecar now that dotfiles can be used to merge data for imported CodeComponents

GitHub Actions integration

We're releasing a new GitHub Action soon that will allow you to generate SBOMs and track them in OpenContext.

  • Add SBOM type for AuxComponents

Also some bugfixes and other improvements:

GitHub CodeComponent import

  • Add error logging to paginated GitHub GraphQL queries
  • Add rate limit logging for GitHub APIs
  • Add a 1 sec wait to queryWithPaging to avoid GitHub's secondary rate limit. This change makes 1 request per second to avoid concurrency issues.


  • Add runbook type to AuxComponent

· One min read
Audrey Eschright

Release Notes

The last logo update is done! You'll now see the new logo on the docs site (where you're reading these release notes).

Coming soon

We've started work on features for our catalog API. This release includes a routing component that will be needed for access.

Bug fixes

  • Add reciprocal relation between user and imported GitHub account

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Release Notes

This release of OpenContext includes a logo update and a frontend fix for catalog filters.


  • Update logo
  • Catalog fix which resets the filter when no matching data is available

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Audrey Eschright

Release Notes

In this release, we've renamed parts of the schema and views to reflect the utility of OpenContext as a service catalog. We're also streamlining the information you see on the Context pages to make it easier to understand important connections.

Schema updates

  • Rename Platform entity to Service
  • Rename Scheme entity to Platform
  • Add Service relation to Datacenters

Catalog data and filters

  • Add Code Component languages to catalog table view
  • Add GitHub Actions enabled flag to imported Code Components
  • Add GitHub Actions filter to Catalog view
  • Update Datacenter catalog table view to add regions and filtering on "other" type fields
  • Display Datacenter column for Platform Components
  • Add subtype filter to catalog view
  • Update catalog table and filters for Services
  • Hide empty entity relations tables
  • Add display names to table view for Persons and Teams

· One min read
Audrey Eschright

Release Notes

This release has two sets of internal changes that will prepare us for some exciting future updates!


  • Datacenters can now be linked together with dependsOn relations
  • Platform Components can now belong to multiple Platforms. They also now have a type and subtype.


We upgraded the main application to use React 18 and Material UI v5. In the process, a lot of the internal components were cleaned up and some front-end bugs that made things look a little glitchy got resolved. We have big plans for our user experience, and this upgrade means we're ready to go forward. Stay tuned for more!

· One min read

This patch release fixes a bug where Dependabot vulnerabilities are not shown in certain configurations even when they do exist.